I joined Health Carousel last February 2015. The path to my American journey was a roller coaster kind of joy ride. In the initial processing and stages, everything went well and had always been thankful for the timely and constant communication with my IDA Ms. Lenci. I also appreciate the efforts they all put into our application from start to departure.

In the latter part of my adventure, many obstacles and trials came along. I was on sputum culture, extended sputum culture and got pregnant but that didn’t stop me and Health Carousel in living my dream since they had been very supportive and professional in all the dealings.

I could say that Ms. Lenci had always put extra effort and was very “Magis” in all her work. I’m so thankful to God for guiding me throughout the process and giving me the right agency and persons to work with.

To all my fellow nurses dreaming of the Land of Milk and Honey, continue to pursue your goals and never let a speck of doubt overcome you. Pray hard, much harder than you can. Believed that “God will give you a life of abundance and knock and the door will open, seek and you will find, ask and you shall receive.” Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

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