It is a great honor to be part of Health Carousel/PassportUSA program. I joined last March 23, 2017, after taking my NCLEX. My application started last May 2017 and within a month it was approved.

My journey was not easy due to some problems on my end, but HC has helped me all throughout. They guided and gave the best option/advice possible.

Through their continuous effort and persistence, I was hired in Duke University Hospital and Duke Regional Hospital. It is a big career break for me since I was working in outpatient for 7 years. I was so happy that I was selected to be part of their team and I know Health Carousel’s credibility plays a great part in this.

I am grateful to my IDA/advisors especially to Ms. Stephanie for her patience, help, and support. The American dream is not a rush, I believe that pursuing this dream takes a lot of effort, a positive mindset, determination, and knowledge and skills preparation.

To all my fellow nurses, “Dreams do come true”. You just must prepare and pray for it. God hears everything. I wish you all the best in this American journey.

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