“It has was more than ten years ago when I decided to make a step of moving to America and pursue my nursing career there. But it was not easy. Many hurdles and challenges came. Obstacles kept coming-retrogression, delays in processes, visa screen expiration and the like. I also experienced abandonment from my previous agency. Yet, through all these, I just waited for the right time.
Few months back, I came across of knowing Passport USA through social media and coincidentally, a very close friend has mentioned it to me, too. So, I did the necessary steps and tried my luck with them. I thought maybe that was the right time I had been waiting for.
I concluded I was happy with my decision. Realizing a dream with Health Carousel has been very easy. It was great working with them and the processing of my documents by their highly reliable, helpful and accommodating associates is greatly appreciated. They ensured that every requirements are taken care of.
Finally, after all the long wait, this is it…A dream come true not just for me but for my whole family.

My biggest thanks to Health Carousel/Passport USA. May you continue to be an instrument in the realization of the great American dream for nurses like me.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

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