Waiting for something uncertain was difficult but the thought of letting go of something you have worked hard for your entire life fills me up with apprehensions, hence, I stood up and tripled my efforts. When I came across Health Carousel in May 2015 and experienced their hospitality, outstanding and goal oriented strategy, I know I was in the right hands. Surely, HC was a light after the long dark tunnel that my American dream has been stuck for years.

My IDA’s are experts and they made me feel that my dream is their dream too and make it a life mission to make it come true. I owe them a part of this success and that is why I highly encourage my fellow nurses who are about to give up on their vocation to seek help from HC and you will be guided all throughout.

We may not understand where life is going and why things are happening at first but believe in God’s perfect timing and trust HC!

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