Little do I know about Priority Dates, immigration to the US and how/where to file applications. It’s just a blessing in disguise that my former colleagues were talking about it and I gained interest. I was advised about Health Carousel. Eventually, I walked into their office to ask, I was fascinated with their Passport USA Program so I signed in February 2016.

My first PA was Ms. Karen, endorsed to Ms. Ella and finally to Ms. Amelyn. They were all efficient, professional and hardworking PA/IDAs, facilitating my application as fast and as hassle-free as possible. Though there are roadblocks/delays (minor), you are assured that your application us being well-attended by them.

Health Carousel is a reliable, formidable bridge in reaching/achieving my American Dream. To my fellow nurses aspiring to work in the US, don’t just aspire/imagine. You have to act, make sacrifices if possible, work hard and you will certainly make it.

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