I signed up for Health Carousel last September 11, 2013, through a colleague, who is an employee of HCLLC in Texas. I started from scratch – no TOEFL, no FCCPT because I have never thought that my US dream will still come to reality.

It was never an easy journey to take but I was determined to finish what I have started. The TOEFL review with the advisor was breaking, but because of her fluency in English, diligence and patience to all of us, after my 2nd TOEFL attempt, I made it and got not just the required score but even higher. The whole process was like a roller coaster. There were times I felt down, got frustrated with my performance but with the help of my advisor, I was able to do my best on all the pre-NPTE requirements, tests and the whole visa process. There are times that I get tired of all the requirements asked by my advisor but then at the end of the day, I understand that it is all for the fulfillment of my America dream.

To my co-PT’s, just enjoy the process, be patient, be diligent, and be assertive. And all our efforts will be rewarded.

Again, Thank you my Health Carousel family especially to my advisor who is very patient and lenient yet professional in dealing with me all throughout my visa process up to the date of my departure.

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