I joined Health Carousel August 2016 2 months after passing my NCLEX. When I was in the US, I was first introduced to Mark and later endorsed to Liza in the Philippines. The process of my application went pretty especially with the filing of my priority date. I was given an approximation of 2-3-year process including deployment. Something that indeed happens considering the movement of the visa bulletin. It was not all sunshine and butterflies though. There have been hurdles which I must say, were all just part of the process. Everything worth having is worth waiting for. I believe God had everything planned and because every flower blooms in its own season and time. Health Carousel had been an instrument in the fulfillment of this milestone in my career. Along with many other people behind the company, I am thankful to Amelyn, Liza and Roda. To Amelyn especially for being calm and professional even during the times when the sail was rough, thank you! It was a winding journey, but the destination was worth it!

To my fellow colleagues in the medical industry, carry on and keep on pushing. Success is for anyone who doesn’t stop working on their dreams. God bless us all and to God be all the glory. None of these would have had become a reality without Him.

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