I joined Health Carousel Philippines last January 8, 2016, few months after I passed the NCLEX examination. When I signed the contract, they provided me with a step by step instructions which made the entire process hassle-free.  It took me three years to wait (due to my priority date) but I can absolutely say that the advisors who handled me (shout out to Ms. Liza and Ms. Roda) were excellent in terms of giving me updates on the status of my application. I am grateful. They exceeded my expectations. Please give them a raise (LOL). To those aspiring nurses who are looking for greener pasture, Health Carousel is here to help and will make sure that you get to achieve your American dream. Do not lose hope should you encounter any bumps on the road as long as you trust the team and the Lord God., everything will fall into its place when you least expect it.

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