THE PROBLEM: Your Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy No Longer Meets U.S. Visa Standards

As announced on September 16, 2016 the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) now requires a Master’s degree or higher in physical therapy for applicants to obtain a Type 1 Healthcare Worker Certificate. In response, FCCPT will no longer process applications from candidates without a Master’s degree. Therefore, foreign PTs with Bachelor’s degrees are essentially blocked from getting a U.S. visa.

Immediately, being a physical therapist in the USA will require at least graduation from a Master’s degree program – not the educational equivalency of a Master’s degree, as had been the previous standard.

The standards will soon increase even further as on January 1, 2017 FSBPT CWT6 becomes active. On that date, the minimum requirement becomes a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT).

THE SOLUTION: PassportUSA’s Excel Program Enables PTs to Earn their DPT in 18 Months

Health Carousel Philippines has partnered with two reputable U.S.-based academic institutions to create the Excel program, an online / distance education initiative designed to help Bachelor degreed PTs obtain their DPT, meeting the soon-to-be enacted CWT6 standards. And this distance education / online program can be completed in just 18 months.

No Worries Regarding Costs of Tuition, Textbooks, and Fees

Costs associated with the Excel program are covered in advance by Health Carousel. That means your tuition, fees and textbooks are completely covered upfront, allowing you to focus on your coursework first. Then once you begin working in the USA, earning great U.S. wages, a low-cost repayment cycle begins, which is stretched out over the course of your contract. And because of Health Carousel’s clout and volume of applicants, you will also save 10 percent off normal tuition rates.

Who is Excel eligible?

The Excel program is open to all physical therapists currently working for Health Carousel in the USA AND offshore candidates who have signed a Health Carousel contract. Additionally you must:

  • have an active physical therapy license in the country in which you earned your BPT or MPT
  • have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher in your BPT or MPT program
  • meet minimum TOEFL iBT score requirement of 89 total score and 26 on speaking section
  • provide further documentation such as your resume, school transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

How to Get Started

Physical therapists interested in our Excel program should register with us at the link below. You may then be invited to schedule a phone or Skype interview with a Health Carousel teammate. They will gladly provide full details on our U.S. opportunities and our new Excel program.

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