“It has been my long awaited dream to come to the United States both for professional and personal growth. When I started searching for the perfect agency that would help me realize that, I decided it must meet two essential requirements that were to me, non-negotiable. First, I have to know someone personally who was able to come to the United States through the agency’s help and who will speak highly of them. Second, that the contract they will offer would show that they are not just looking out for their benefit but for my best interest, too. Health Carousel has met both and more.
HCPI, especially Ms. Abegail, Ms. Marianne and Ms. Roda, who have been so great in assisting me every step of the way.
I am excited and very much looking forward to my PT life in Maryland. I am confident as well that I could count on Health Carousel’s continuous assistance to help me transition smoothly to my new environment. Thank you again, Health Carousel.”

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