Health Carousel and iNurse Processing played an immense part in achieving one of my dreams- to become a USRN. I am a part of Health Carousel’s ASPIRE program, wherein I was given the chance to be a part of their NCLEX sponsorship, it saved me so much time, effort and money. They had assisted me every step of the way during my entire NCLEX journey, thus making it a hassle-free application. I commend Ms. Ann Martha Alayon of Health Carousel and Sir John of iNurse Processing who was very hands-on and patiently addressed all my queries and concerns regarding my application. Three weeks after knowing that I passed, I am still in a celebratory mode. Two years ago, though I was a bit skeptical, I took the risk and signed with them. Now with my firsthand experience with their people, I speak about HC with profound gratitude and I am extremely thankful for the opportunities they have laid on the table for me. We are now getting ready for our next move, and I am gearing myself up with more knowledge, grit and strong faith to the Lord so I will be fully equipped as I set my foot on the American soil, the land of the dreams.

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