I joined Health Carousel April of 2017. I found out about the organization thru my internet search. I was a case of an abandoned employer because of retrogression before. So I was really hesitant at first with signing up with Health Carousel. But I’m glad that I did because my American Dream became a reality. Moreover, I was able to bring my family with me because of Health Carousel’s help.

Everyone was so accommodating and understanding. From the start of my recruitment with Sir Mico. To my deployment advisors, Ms. Karen and Ms. Stephanie, thank you so much. To Ms. Glenda, for the IELTS tips and pieces of advice and for being patient with me and with all my queries. To Ms. Roda, for handling my RN license endorsement. And to everyone at Health Carousel for making all of this possible.

To fellow nurses, just trust the process, Health Carousel knows what they are doing. They are a legit organization. Just be patient and compliant. Most of all, don’t forget to pray always.

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