I heard about Health Carousel in 2009 the same year when I passed my NCLEX exam. A month after passing my NCLEX was the effectivity of the 5-year retrogression in the US. I joined Health Carousel way back September 5, 2014, 5 years after retrogression. (I’m the residue of the 5-year retrogression)

My application in Health Carousel was a long process. One by one, I accomplished them. Whatever my PA/IDA required me, I provided them immediately. If my memory serves me right my first ever (PA) was Ms. Je Ann Peralta followed by Ms. Roda, Sir Mark, Ms. Maricris and lastly, (IDA) Ms. Lenci.

I have a good experience with Health Carousel because they provided me the necessary information about my US application. They helped me step by step in fulfilling my dreams. One by one from US requirements, medical exams, embassy interview, and the PDO.

Keep up the good work, to my IDA Ms. Lenci, Thank you for helping/assisting me in my transition to the US. Thank you for providing me the information and the steps. Sorry for being so “kulit” sometimes if you cannot reply immediately. I understand I’m not the only client you have. Once again, thank you very much.

Never lose hope, fulfill your US dream! Don’t let others rush you with their own timeline because you have your own timeline of success.

Finally, my dream is now a reality. Thank you Health Carousel for fulfilling my dream to work as a Nurse in the USA.

It was a long journey but the wait was worth it!

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