I joined with HCPI last Aug. 2017. I took the NCLEX last April 21, 2018. My application with NCLEX is a hassle-free since we are provided with a team who work with us to process our papers. I started my focus review last Jan.2018 –March 2018. My experience with NCLEX is very unforgettable. My exam stops at 75 items and I really thought I failed. The Nclex questions are vague. I am just doing my best and use critical thinking in answering the exams. My message to aspiring nurses is to keep going, focus on your goal. Those who feel discouraged, please keep going, it’s definitely not an easy but it’s all worth. All your hard work in studying will pay-off. Lastly, I want to say thank you to Health Carousel for giving us this privilege and opportunity in taking the NCLEX for FREE.

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