Aspire for Nurses

Assisting the Best Filipino Nursing School Graduates with Their American Dream

Do you aspire for more?

You recently graduated from a Philippines nursing school. You aspire to someday work as a nurse in the USA. Despite your academic achievements and desire, agencies won’t assist you until you have a couple years of nursing experience and have passed the NCLEX, IELTS, or both. You wonder, if the nursing shortage in the USA is so bad why aren’t agencies of more assistance? You’re smart, motivated, and destined to be a great nurse!

Health Carousel Philippines can now help top new graduates like yourself through the Aspire program.


No Testing Required

Most agencies require nurses to have NCLEX, IELTS, a U.S. visa priority date, or a combination of the above before they will lift a finger to help them. The Aspire program doesn’t require any of this to get started.

Express Lane to the USA

Your U.S. visa will be filed as soon as you pass the NCLEX — neither IELTS or a VisaScreen are required at the time of filing. This can shave months to years off the time it takes to achieve your #AmericanDream.

Training and Coaching

Our team will provide you with access to resources and people that will help you achieve milestones like passing the NCLEX and IELTS examinations.


Entry into the Aspire program offered in partnership with PassportUSA is a privilege reserved for nurses who have graduated from Philippines nursing schools within the last three years AND students now in their final year at leading nursing schools throughout the Philippines.

Cost to You

Nothing. Health Carousel Philippines has never charged a health care professional a fee for its services; rather, we reimburse nurses for many of the costs they incur in preparing to come to the USA. In fact, we provide many free training resources.

Follow Your #AmericanDream!

Get ready for your healthcare career in the USA


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