I am thankful to Health Carousel for being a part of my American dream. It’s been my plan to work in the US right after I finish my nursing studies. I took all the requirements and passed all the necessary exams, but God has a different plan and instead, I worked in the Middle East for 8 years. God knows my heart’s desires. True to his promise, a door of opportunity came in 2016.

Health Carousel is the first staffing agency who contacted me and offered me an EB3 petition for the first time. And the rest, as they say, is history. I am now on my way to the US. Forever grateful to Health Carousel and all the people who helped me reach my dreams, Ms. Liza, Ms. Roda, Ms. Rochelle, Mr. Joniel and Ms. Valerie and to all my previous IDAs. More power to Health Carousel and I hope they will continue to help more healthcare professionals in reaching their dream.

To you, my fellow nurse, God uses present circumstances to prepare us for the future. We may be in a difficult situation right now but God might be preparing us for something greater.

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