“Going abroad particularly to the US is never easy. I was abandoned by my petitioner and never heard anything from them since 2010. I lost hope and gave up my American dream because I thought I am not destined to go there. Until the day, a dear friend encouraged and supported me to pursue again that dream. It was through FB when I first learned about PassportUSA and Health Carousel. I applied online and when I got a response the next day, I felt hopeful again. Now, that I am almost there and my dream of working and living in the US is within my reach, I feel so overwhelmed and excited. That is why I am forever grateful to PPUSA and Health Carousel for this wonderful opportunity and that is to fulfill my American dream.
To everyone involved in the processing of my documents since day one especially Ma’am Roda and Ma’am Kim, I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support. You’re all accommodating indeed and you did a great job guys! Health Carousel, you got a two thumbs up from us. I strongly recommend you to my friends and relatives.
Thank you, thank you and thank you! God bless and more power!”

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