“Health Carousel played a huge part of making this big opportunity that was once a dream into a reality. Back in 2007, I accomplished all the requirements needed to pursue this “American dream” that most of the people are aiming. Then, here came retrogression that lasted almost over 10 years, and all of the expectations became hopeless, to the point that my first employer abandoned my petition. To my luck, I found health carousel who was willing to recapture my petition/priority date. And who would have thought?! I am now here, all set and just waiting few more days to fly.
I would like to thank Health Carousel and their very accommodating and reliable staff, special shout out to Ms. Roda Mae, Ms. Jeh, Ms. Glenda, Sir Karlo , Mam Nyra and Mam Connie, thru them every step of my preparation went smoothly from filing to USCIS, organizing of requirements, immigration details up to deployment. You are truly a blessing to all of the aspiring nurses seeking employment in the United States and I can’t thank you enough for this chance.”

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