“Back in 2014, fresh from a rejection from an agency and with just an NCLEX under my belt, Health Carousel took me into its wings. I feel lucky to have not waited too long for my bigger careers plans to materialize. All thanks to Health Carousel, most especially to Ma’am Liza, Ma’am Kim, and Ma’am Lenci, who were always eager to answer my queries, replacing my concerns and doubts with answers and assurance of a successful path to the US.

The process is long and with the help of the right people, my waiting time is cut to just a little over three years, and it is all due to that fateful day back in September 2014 that Health Carousel welcomed me and made me realize that amidst the then retrogression, my American dream is not that far within my reach.

To other aspiring healthcare professionals, remember that in order to open a door of wonderful opportunities, you must at least try to get your foot in the door. I am glad and grateful that I have.”

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