“It’s been 16 years since I dreamt to become a nurse and work in the US someday. After my graduation I waited for 8 years to finally achieve it. During that duration of time, I have been through roadblocks which include my previous employer abandoning my application. At first I was devastated and lost hope but my perseverance and my tenacity kicked in and pushed me to find ways. God blessed me with Health Carousel. I knew I am in the right place from the start. Staff are very accommodating and they answer all my questions confidently. To get answers for your concerns is a big relief, and I trusted them for that. They are really committed to help you achieve your dreams in the US and I am so thankful for the company’s support, from management to support staff. I owe this to God and to all of you. God bless you guys and hopefully you will never get tired of doing this fantastic job. Thank you so much!”

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