“All in GOD’s perfect timing! I am truly thankful that Health Carousel has been an instrument to help me accomplish a drifting aspiration to work and live with my family in the USA. I was disheartened with my previous agency who abandoned me 9 years ago. I thought USA was not meant for an over aged nurse like me but I found encouragement with the support and assistance of an incredible Health Carousel Team (Ma’am Roda Mae, Sir Mark, Ma’am Je-ann and Ma’am Cherryl). The team guided me every step of the way from completing required documents, procedures, US embassy interviews up to briefing before deployment/departure and upon arrival in the USA. Their efficiency and commitment to resolve my case has ensured not just my immigrant visa to USA but for my entire family as well. I am deeply grateful and appreciate everything that Health Carousel has done for me and my family. May GOD bless Health Carousel and the entire team & staff, To GOD be the Glory Forever!”

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