I joined Health Carousel Philippines last August 2014 which was held on the old office. My boss was from Health Carousel so I opted to try and see if we are qualified. Luckily my friend and I were given an opportunity. My priority date was June 12, 2015. Along the process I had a lot of PAs, I can think of having 5 or more, Ms. Kim was my last. It was a bit difficult thought of having a lot of PAs because I tend to mix and match emails a lot. I had to resend a couple of requirements again and again. Above all that I did not have any problems relationship-wise, all the PAs I have encountered were nice and approachable. I would say Health Carousel is a very good company, its very complete, well organized and I can feel that they are not solely into the profits but also the well-being of the applicants, like me. My message to future Nurse/PTs/ MTs to always be patient and do what needs to be done now or soon as you can to avoid any problems or delays. Thank you Health Carousel!

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