“My dream of going to America and able to work as a nurse started way back 2007. Then retrogression and recession took place. Until in year 2014 when my priority date became current only to be informed by my previous agency that there’s no job offer for me anymore and they can’t continue with the petition.

I thought that was the end of my dream. But God is really good, my file was endorsed to Health Carousel under the PassportUSA program and I knew that time there’s still hope for me. They recaptured my PD, and in less than a year, we had our EB3 visas.

This is it, the fulfillment of my dream is the start of my new journey as well as my family towards our new life in the USA.

To Health Carousel, and the staff, the ever efficient PA’s, I will be forever thankful to all of you for making my dream come to reality. Good things come to those who wait and believe.

God bless us all.”

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