My journey with Health Carousel started 4 years ago. It was for me a blessing in disguise when a former co-employee of mine messaged me regarding a US work opportunity under the Health Carousel Company at the Marriott Hotel in Cebu. I told her that I will just try because I will still go on a night shift the day prior. Thank God everything went well and so I was able to attend the event. It was a funny experience because what I know is that I am going to attend an orientation about the company but it was actually an on the spot hiring interview. Applicants, there are wearing formal clothing but thankfully I was on my work uniform and not on casual wear. The interview went great and ended with congratulations for qualifying.

I am very grateful with Health Carousel for helping me pursue my American dream, my advisor was very facilitative and informative. She really helps me push in complying all the necessary requirements.

To all aspiring nurses who wanted to work in the US, continue to achieve your dreams and try to inquire about Health Carousel’s US work opportunity. For sure they are very much willing to help out in achieving that dreams of yours.

Thank God and to Health Carousel LLC, here I am waiting for my deployment on a few days to Fulfill the American dream with my family.

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