It was June 2016 when I joined Health Carousel Philippines. I had no idea how to apply in the United States at first but they helped me and guided me throughout the whole process. I am very grateful and appreciative on the unending patience and reminders of both Liza and Amelyn during the process of my application. All I can say is that I never regretted joining the institution because life is a breeze with them. Whenever I am asked what my agency is, I am always proud to declare that I am part of Health Carousel and I always recommend them to my colleagues. Never have I seen such dedication in helping me achieve the American Dream. Some people may say that the process is very difficult but definitely, perseverance is the key.

To my fellow nurses and other allied health services, get to know Health Carousel and you will know that they are the best. Continue to help others and for sure blessing will come pouring in. God bless Health Carousel and thank you very much.

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