I am so grateful and blessed that my Health Carousel and IPASS family is helping me to achieve my American dream step by step. I am so amazed at how fast you work for us all throughout the process and for the guidance that you had given me when I had so many queries in my mind. I’m so thankful for the monthly reminders and updates, HC and IPass never failed to give me updates and ask how am I on the process and keep on pushing me to do my best while still reviewing, and thank you for your assistance in making this dream turned into a reality. HC had given me the courage to pursue my dream of becoming a USRN when I was still aspiring. Thank you.

To my fellow nurses, make plans and set goals, maximize all the resources and time that has been given to you, do your best and believe in yourself, be positive, and surrender everything to God because as the saying goes “do your best and God will do the rest”. Good luck to you, future USRNs!

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