I took the NCLEX exam last September 17, 2019, and I did not take it the conventional way. I was working in a tertiary hospital with fixed over time and at the same time, I was studying for my NCLEX for a short amount of time. It was my goal to not spend any money that is why I am grateful for the sponsorship given by HCPI. I am equally thankful as well to my seniors who lent me review materials.

It was not easy and there were moments when I would suddenly become anxious considering the money I have to spend on the retake, if ever. But I still persevered. I sacrificed going to get-togethers, hanging out with friends, going to our hometown. I even surrendered my laptop to my sister so I would not be able to use it. I studied the Mark Klimek audios, finished La charity and also did several question drills in the HESI online materials provided by the agency.

We went to the traditional seven churches and visited several more churches after taking the exam. I was expecting to pass the test but I did not expect to pass it with only 75 questions! My message to other NCLEX takers is this, you believe in yourself and trust in the LORD and above all else. Develop a study habit and no matter how busy or stressed you are, you can do it if you TRY.

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