Who would have thought I’ll be leaving for the USA in a few days? Everything went fast in a span of almost 3 years. I joined Health Carousel around July 2016. The application was smooth and clear. They gave complete details on what I should do and submit. All I have to do is comply and meet the corresponding deadlines. And just like that, I am now set to fulfill my dreams of working as a nurse in the USA.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and surely, I recommend PassportUSA to all my friends, colleagues and family to help them achieve success abroad. To other nurses and professionals in the medical field, let my experience with Health Carousel be an example that nothing is impossible. We can reach our dreams if we will work for it and always have God at the center of our purpose. May God bless us all. And once again, thank you PassportUSA for making my dream come true.

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