“Never give up because great things take time.” Truly, this quote will be my favorite mantra in life. I have experienced a lot of setbacks and frustrations with regards to my US application but as what they’ve said, in the ladder of success, there are lots of hurdles along the way. The American dream is like a dream that is so hard to reach. Gladly, when I came across Health Carousel’s page in 2014, I immediately apply and signed up with them. They have been very consistent in asking for documents, implementing deadlines and is very helpful in reaching towards my goal. Health Carousel is an answered prayer for my dream of working and leave in the US with my family.

Special mention to my IDA Ms. Liza, who’s been very patient with my inquiries even beyond her office hours, persistent in making follow-ups with regards to my updated documents. She always sees to it that she give me timely updates with regards to my application which I loved about her and I do not need to follow up.

Thank you so much Ma’am Liza for being a part of this success.

To my fellow nurses, stay focused. Be persistent and never quit because God will fulfill his promise in his right time

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