Greener pasture… this line is almost synonymous with working in the USA for most Filipinos. This was once a fleeting dream of mine when I was young but became a reality at present because of Health Carousel. From visa application to departure for the US, Health Carousel has made it a smooth journey for my wife and me.

Getting the EB3 Visa was not easy for us, it never was. I have tried looking for a sponsor way back 2009 after I passed the NCLEX, IELTS and had a Visa Screen Certificate. But due to retrogression, I didn’t get one. I took a different path and kept the thought of going to the US at the back of my mind, went to another country to hone my skills in my field, never thought of it anymore for a couple of years. Until one day, Health Carousel sent me an email about an application that I sent online which I couldn’t remember when. This happened in early 2014. I received and signed the contract with Health Carousel in October 2018. My journey started with health carousel back then and the rest was history.

Liza Marie Graza, my processing associate (PA) in Health Carousel was by far the most patient and kind person who guided and helped me get here where I am now. I haven’t met her and I haven’t seen her but I felt a sense of confidence that I could trust her in helping me achieve my dream of going to the US. She works closely with me, answers all my queries patiently and swiftly. Never was a time that I felt nervous about health carousel because Liza always has a reassuring solution/answer to all my questions or worries. I am so thankful to her and I could say that I was very lucky to have her as my PA. Even when I again faced a visa retrogression in 2015, she still kept my confidence in track by checking on me every month and updating me on the visa bulletin progress. I never lose hope because I have faith in God and in Health Carousel that this dream of mine will come to a realization someday.. and guess what? It did.

To all aspiring health care professionals who are chasing their American dream. Pray for it, work hard on it, don’t lose hope. Persevere and know that one day you’ll get there. Choose a recruitment agency well. If ever I’ll do the entire application process again, I’ll still choose Health Carousel.

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