“My American Dream started 2007 when I was petitioned by my first employer. I was saddened with the long retrogression and thought that my dream won’t become a reality anymore. Until I came across Health Carousel LLC. Miss Liza was my first PA. I was satisfied the way she handled my application. It came to a point wherein I didn’t want to go to the US anymore. But Ms. Liza didn’t give up on me and continued to send emails and reminders. At the end, I continued with my application. Then came Ms. Roda, who handled me when Miss Liza had her maternity leave. I was in Riyadh during that time when my license was endorsed to Texas. She assisted me well so that’s why it went on smoothly. I was transferred to Miss Ela when I became DQ. She is persistent on following up with my requirements and is very patient, same with my previous PA’s. I was guided accordingly and she responds to my email or inquires promptly. At last, In God’s perfect time, I am rarely going to start my American dream. Thank you my Health Carousel family for making it come true.”

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