I can still remember the day I was introduced to Health Carousel Philippines Inc., it was mid-June last year and I felt so lucky because I just passed the Nursing Licensure Examination at that time and it seemed like everything was falling into place. After the contract signing and passing the Predictive Test, they immediately gave me a daily schedule for the free online NCLEX review materials. For 3 long months, I studied hard, non-stop. There was even a day when I studied for like 19 hours a day just to strictly follow the schedule calendar. And then, the big day came -June 01, 2018. Before I entered the examination room, I prayed to God and asked Him to guide me and help me focus, clear my mind, and answer each question with all my ability. As the computer shut down, I thought I wasn’t going to pass since I had a lot of SATA questions and I wasn’t really sure of my answers. I went home that day feeling so defeated. Five days have passed until iNurse Processing congratulated me, telling me I did it and I actually passed the NCLEX-RN! It was so overwhelming; I just can’t keep calm!

Never have I ever thought that I would actually be a USRN, that I will also be sharing my testimonial like this because I was just a dreamer a year ago.

I would like to thank Health Carousel Philippines Inc. for giving me this kind of opportunity, especially my Program Advisor and all the staffs for assisting me throughout my NCLEX process, preparations and immigration application. A single “thank you” wouldn’t be enough.

To my fellow aspiring nurses, self-belief and hard-work will always earn us success. Good luck on our American journey with Health Carousel Philippines Inc. God Bless us all!

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