The Founder and Chairman of Health Carousel Philippines, Inc (HCPI) Ms. Connie Dela Cruz, and Co-Founder Ms. Nyra Colinares made a trip to the U.S. from July 11-13, 2022 to visit the deployed nurses from the Philippines, and visit hospital partners.

The Founders of HCPI together with the COO of HCLLC Mr. Erik Schumann and the Director of Accounts, Mr. Brian Lahart met the nurses working in different hospital partners in Maryland and had a simple fellowship with them.  One of the main objectives of the fellowship is to hear the nurses’ experiences from the time they left the Philippines and their transition to living and working in the U.S. for continuous improvement.   Most of the nurses they met have just arrived in the U.S. this year.  They also met with a nurse who just completed the contract a week prior to their visit,  and a couple who would be completing their contract in a week or so.  In general, the nurses are happy that they are assigned in Maryland.  They love the place and their hospital assignment.  They have challenges undoubtedly but they know that everything is part of their American Dream Journey.

Kathy, the nurse who just completed the contract with Health Carousel and worked in a magnet hospital in Annapolis, Maryland invited Ms. Connie and Ms. Nyra to her newly purchased house – with a big front yard, a big deck, and a pool.  They met her husband who is a nurse also and her 2 lovely kids.  She is very happy with her work and life in Maryland.  She is thankful to be given the opportunity to live and work in the U.S.

The Health Carousel nurses are fortunate to be assigned to the best hospitals in Maryland.  The hospitals are very supportive of them and the people are very welcoming.  The hospitals love Filipino nurses.  They are fast learners, hardworking and compassionate.  The hospitals expressed their appreciation to Health Carousel for bringing wonderful nurses to their facilities.  They need more nurses and they are hoping to work continuously with Health Carousel.

Other than visiting the nurses and partner hospitals, Dela Cruz and Colinares met with the scholars of the Global Scholarship Alliance (GSA), in Brooklyn, New York.  GSA is the former name of Health Carousel.  These nurses earned their Master’s Degree in Nursing from Long Island University through the GSA scholarship program.  All of them are highly successful in their career.  Their master’s degrees helped them propel their career to greater heights. Though there were many challenges when they were studying, they are very grateful and thankful for the opportunity given to them by GSA.

To conclude the trip, the HCPI representative with HCLLC representative, Amber Spengard made a courtesy visit to  POLO Labor Attache Atty. Angela Trinidad and Asst. Labor Attache Joji Borromeo in Washington DC. Collaboration efforts in promoting decent work through fair and ethical recruitment were discussed in the said meeting. Dela Cruz presented the Light the Way projects of  Health Carousel in the Philippines that promotes ethical recruitment practices and creates sustainability in nursing in the Philippines.

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