“I have always wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl. I saw my aunt coming home on her vacations from US and I knew that I wanted to be a USRN. At first I was with another agency who helped me secure my American dream. Unfortunately, during the retrogression, they said they can no longer support me and that they are letting me go. I was disheartened and so I went to the Middle East to work as a nurse because I needed a bigger pay since I’m the bread winner of my family. In my years of working there, my roommate mentioned to me about Passport USA. It so happens, my husband also is already considering about the same agency. So we both signed up, with my husband as the principal and now, here we are, sitting in the office of HCLLC a day before our departure for US. Health Carousel became our ticket to reach our American Dream. They were our biggest support / backbone. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the staff of Health Carousel, most especially to Ms. Karen and Ms. Kim. God Bless you all!!!
P.S. Thank you to Ms. Ela also!”

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