“I attempted to apply for a working visa in the US last 2008. I had high hopes and dreams of working abroad and starting my life there. However, due to retrogression, my dreams dwindled. I decided to go on with my career and life. I applied for a job locally and became a government nurse who rose up the ranks until I achieved being a head nurse. One day, a colleague of mine reminded me of pursuing a job opportunity in the US and referred Health Carousel. At first, I was hesitant to do so because my PD and papers were abandoned but I indulged on the idea and work for it. As soon as HCLLC accepted me as their candidate, I saw a huge difference in their treatment. They were focused and dedicated in helping me achieve my long lost dreams. They have a good staff and process. I thank them for helping me and my family. All the best to your company!”

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