“I would like to thank Health Carousel for helping me achieve my dream. Thank you for serving as a guiding light to guide my way in my journey towards a higher level in my nursing career. I almost felt like giving up in pursuing my dreams to work in the US because of the retrogression. It took me 9 long years to wait, hoping that fortune favors me for my patience, hope and faith but unfortunately I was saddened when I realized that I was just hanged in the air, when I knew that my petitioner already sold the facility that I will be working without me being informed. But God is so good and that he has perfect plans for me esp. when I found Health Carousel on the internet. It was only Jan 2016 when I signed up with them and now, I will be soaring high with their wings on me, bringing me to my ultimate dream. Thank you for all the staff, namely; mam Alzen, mam Connie, mam Roda, mam Nyra and sir Mark, for giving me all out assistance, extending your patience and understanding and most of all for your trust with me. I hope you will be able to continue your mission esp. in helping our countrymen to fulfill their dreams and providing excellent service to God and humanity. More power!”

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