“After a years of waiting. 3 retrogressions and 2 employer abandonment… Finally the day has come when I see myself and my family picture on a U.S VISA.
I’m sure all of us have so many stories to tell, challenges to hare and frustrations surpassed in this journey. Me, I have so many difficulties to share, but now I would rather remember those as hurdles I have surpassed which has made me a better person.

These were all possible because Health Carousel helped me achieve my dream. They never left me especially when all things do not seem to happen as you would want them to be. Always there, helping, emailing with a deadline (caps in red font), assisting and giving directions….never giving up!

Today, I am so proud to recommend Health Carousel to every nurse I know who is interested to work as a USRN, because I know someday they will thank me for introducing Health Carousel to them.”

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