“I already gave up my dream to become a nurse in USA, since my first employer abandoned me already. But then on time when, I open my social network I saw Passport USA posting in my wall then read about the agency. At first I was skeptical, because of my personal reasons. Thru prayers, I finally decide to sign up to Passport USA Health Carousel last October 2014. What I appreciate about this company is that, the one who handling your papers kept you posted and giving you advise and reminders and I took that in positive way.
Health Carousel handles my case very fast, after completing all the requirements in 45 days they already recaptured my case, which I considered it as miracle, because I have known a lot of co-nurses who suffered in long waiting. I will be forever thankful to Health Carousel, despite all the stress and pressure, they help me to fulfill my dream to become a nurse in USA. Thank you so much!”

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