“My U.S visa has been a long-time goal of mine and I thought would never ever be granted after one retrogressions to another. I was ready to give up after being abandoned by my previous employer. When I was referred to Health Carousel by a colleague it gave me hope that I can still work on my dream. Health Carousel never gave up on me, pushed me to accomplish what it is needed to be accomplished and made sure that I have all the necessary documents. They prepared me from one interview to another, all the help they provided me is a big help as I couldn’t have done it on my own or probably with any other agency. They have assisted me and my dependents paper as well. Health Carousel knows what they are doing. This allows the easy and fast processing of my visa despite the 8 year wait, I would highly recommend Health Carousel to all my colleagues and acquaintances. In fact, I have already referred this agency to a few of my friends. Thanks to Health Carousel for working with me on my dream job and for never giving up on me. You have lifted my spirit up after being let down by other employers.”

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