“It was some 8 years ago when I started to dream of working in the US as a nurse. This was mainly inspired by my drive to provide a better life and future for my parents and family, as a whole

There have been countless blessing, as well as trials along the way. There have also been times when this dream seemed to be possible to achieve. There have also been times when I tried to force myself to accept the fact that it might be hopeless. It was never easy.
That was until I heard about Health Carousel, LLC.

I was referred by friends to Health Carousel and from the moment I signed up with them, my US dream seemed to be truly tangible. They have been with me every step of the way. They have been constantly communicating with me and guiding me in all stages of my application.

Now, with my US visa finally in my hands, I can’t help but to look back and shed some tears and just be utterly grateful to God for this blessing, to my family and friends for support and to Health Carousel for making my dream come true.

Never stop praying, never stop believing and never stop working hard to reach your dreams. Everything comes to us in God’s perfect timing.”

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