“My dream to become a USRN is about to unfold. It took a long years to finally come at this point and I can say that the journey is not really that smooth. It started in 2007 and there comes the US recession which put my application on hold. Then, when it started to move in 2013, my former employer is no longer there, I was abandoned.
Luckily, I chose Health Carousel to begin my US application, again. They recaptured my old PD and keep me get through the tedious process.
I am very thankful to all the staff most especially to Ms. Liza, Ms. Kim and Ms. Connie for being patient with me during the times when my strength is almost waving to comply with all the requirements. And lastly, I thank God for guiding me to sign up with Health Carousel for they did not fail me in realizing my dream.”

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