“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Health Carousel for opening a door of golden opportunity for PTs like me. Health Carousel has been there right from the start and they have never failed to give their support and assistance in every way possible. Aspiring an American dream can be very daunting and expensive but Health Carousel provided their expertise to make this journey hassle-free for me. All I did was follow their instructions and voila! It’s my pre-departure orientation already! Special thanks to my processing associates: Ms. Roda, Ms. Marianne and Ms. Abby. Thank you Ms. Glenda for the much needed TOEFL training! Thank you very much Ma’am Connie and Ma’am Nyra for always attending to my emails even though you are swamped with work! That is the dedication and passion a candidate will experience with Health Carousel. Only the best! Not to mention, they are a family-oriented company. They have given my family the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you very much!”

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