QUEZON CITY, September 16, 2019 Recently, a strategic partnership between the Philippine healthcare and international recruitment industries was launched through a sustainable employment program that provides a pathway for Filipino nurses who aspire to work in the U.S.
Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. and De Los Santos Medical Center (a Metro Pacific Hospital) have signed a memorandum of agreement for an innovative partnership program that recognizes the reality of nurse migration to the U.S. and supports the Philippine healthcare delivery system through a constant supply of nurses in hospitals like DLSMC.
“The fact is that nurse migration is here to stay. The demand for nurses in the U.S. continues to increase.” This program is a win-win solution for all. It does not only help the nurses achieve their American Dream but also helps hospitals sustain the volume and quality of their nursing workforce thereby improving the Philippine healthcare delivery system.” said Connie dela Cruz, President of Health Carousel Philippines.
Due to the rising demand for nurses locally and globally, instead of going against it or fighting it, nurse migration should be factored in the framework to create a well-managed, sustainable and ethical nurse recruitment model. The alliance between DLSMC and HCPI is proof that hospitals in the Philippines have started to change its perspective on nurse migration.
“This program is uniquely designed such that the business goals of both our companies are aligned to the personal goals of our nurses who want to fulfill their American Dream. It is also consistent with our Alaga’t Kalinga promise whereby we take care of our nurses and will provide them with the support they need before they get deployed to the U.S.” said Raul Pagdanganan, President & CEO of De Los Santos Medical Center.
In a nutshell, the partnership involves a 2-year employment program that enables Filipino nurses to gain the required hospital experience locally and sets them on a course to a brighter future in a premium healthcare facility in the United States.
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