18 September 2021 – Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) won Bronze in the category of Most Exemplary Employer in the Stevie® Awards’ 18th International Business Awards (IBA).

The International Business Awards (IBA) is the world’s premier business awards competition, and winners were chosen from over 3,700 nominations received from organizations in 65 nations. 

The Most Exemplary Employer in the Stevie® Awards recognizes outstanding efforts by organizations to keep employees busy, healthy, informed, and safe during the pandemic, particularly in the year 2020.


The following are the judges’ comments on the nomination:

  • The most important factor is the commitment to keep all employees onboard. Then the second step is to keep them all safe both in the office and at home. Also taking care of their well-being and morale – was delivered in the right manner. maybe there were no unexceptional happenings by it all together gives us a picture of a perfect employer.
  • Clearly, a lot of time has been spent in protecting employees, and the return to work protocol is really excellent – delivered in a light-touch manner that gets the messages across.
  • Ensuring employees’ health and safety and keeping them engaged are tall orders that only truly caring employers can do. This is what Health Carousel Philippines was able to do.
  • This is a very good initiative.
  • The videos summarized the actions, initiatives, and how the company was able to keep up the safety and health of the employees during the pandemic situation. Very good work in terms of safe, motivation, paid and efficiency.
  • The company’s covid response activities are quite remarkable.
  • Thank you for your commitment to keeping your employees safe and secure.
  • Excellent entry! It clearly demonstrates the organization’s culture towards employees’ engagement and wellbeing and shows a team dedicated to excellence. , well done!
  • Honorable to not terminate jobs and employment contracts and financially support employees. Compared with other applicants the area around mental health and motivation could have been a bit stronger.
  • Concise Entry. Nicely efforts, the company approach to its employees is enthusiastic, it’s caring about keeping employees financially secured, safe, engaged. Particularly liked employee engagement activities virtually to keep their morale high and connected. These activities included series of webinars on health and mental wellness in order to cope with the new normal.
  • Virtual Happy Hours and Back to office guidelines are impressive

In December 2020, Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. also won the International Business Awards (IBA) in the category of Best Place to Work-Best in Engagement Activities of 2019.

That’s two years in a row of exemplary and innovative company programs and protocols designed to keep employees happy, safe, and healthy even during a pandemic.

Impressive, isn’t it? Click on the button to read more about the first Bronze Stevie® Award received by HCPI READ MORE

About Health Carousel Philippines, Inc.

Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) is a leading recruitment firm in the Philippines for Filipino Healthcare professionals bound to the U.S. With its almost 20 years of existence, the Company has helped thousands of Filipino nurses, Physical Therapists, and Medical Technologists change their lives and achieve their American Dream.  Along with its U.S. principal, Health Carousel, LLC, it has been certified as an Ethical Recruitment Firm by Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices, a division of CGFNS. This certification attests to its commitment to ethical recruitment.

Embedded in the Company’s core to help the nursing profession and the Philippine healthcare delivery system in its humble way, it partners with the DAISY Foundation to honor and recognize exceptional nurses for the great things they do. It also partners with local hospitals to create a sustainable recruitment model where everyone wins.

The Company with its highly driven and committed team and partners will continue its journey to change the lives of more people in the years to come.

Company Engagement Activities

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