“I’ve been a candidate from another agency unfortunately I was abandoned and got frustrated at the start, until my friend and colleague told me that Health Carousel process recapturing of abandoned nurses. So one day, I decided to apply as walk-in and got accepted. At the start I am hesitant because Health Carousel required me to have an experience which I’m having difficulty applying in hospitals but their advice had been so helpful especially during my interview with the client because I was confident to answer their questions. My experience with Health Carousel was also difficult because from time to time Health Carousel had many requirements but then at the end I realized that everything that Health Carousel are asking me to do helped me to process my application faster. I want to thank Ms. Roda, Sir Mark and Ms. Kimberly for being patient with me and I also want to thank Health Carousel for this opportunity and in giving me the next chapter and journey of my life. God bless us all.”

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