“It was never been easy to head off into a life changing goals as a Physical Therapist. But in every journey, it always starts with the decision to try and persevere. With Health Carousel, they helped and guided me well as I take that first step.
From NPTE processing up to Visa application, Health Carousel has been very realistic, organized and truthful to their candidates like me…
They provided all kinds of assistance, as I needed an expert advice based from their years of experience and financial assistance for me to prepare and travel in taking my NPTE. To work as a PT in USA is a very tedious plan to realize. But with a professional and efficient team like HC, I know my plans are in good hands.
To all Physical Therapist who have similar goal as mine: Fear will keep you from making new discoveries. Don’t let that fear keep you from trying. Set sail and see what God has planned for you.”

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