“Now is HIS TIME. Thank you Lord.
It has been 10 years waiting for my American Dream. This is because of retrogression and some agency issues. But today this must be His/God’s perfect timing of blessing.
Health Carousel is the right agency for me and all the abandoned nurses like me. From Day 1 of being a part to it until this very day they got an exemplary standard in all the process.
HCLLC, keep their continuous communication (emails and phone calls) for all your needs despite the miles I got (Saudi Arabia). This agency also included my family dependents along the process in which I appreciate most. They take into consideration not only the nurse itself, furthermore approaching the whole part of every candidate, our love ones. (DS260, medical, embassy interview, booking of flights)
I say yes to all the pieces of advice, the right attitude, the right standard, right values, right perception and right motivation in my workplace.
A BIG thumbs up to HCLLC and staffs (Ms. Connie, Ms. Kimberly, Ms. Roda Mae, Ms. Karen). Please continue to be a blessing to all the nurses who never gave up their dreams. Thank you for all the support. Most of all Thank you Lord.”

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