“July 2014, my PD became current. However, because I was abandoned by my former employer and due to the sluggishness of my former agency to recapture my case, I was affected by the May 2015 retrogression. I was so frustrated, I became desperate and furious. I needed to look for a new employer as fast as I can. I surfed the net and asked for advice from friends and family until I stumbled upon passport USA on Facebook. I asked for an appointment and was scheduled and interviewed the day after. From then on, health carousel has been very supportive. I trusted their agents without a doubt, even though I haven’t seen their faces personally. I transacted through email and voice calls only, nonetheless, they earned my trust by being honest and true. At times, I know I’m being importunate, annoying and arrogant during the process, yet, they remain patient, accommodating and supportive. They guided me from start to finish until I finally reached my goal and received my immigrant visa. Thank you Sir Emal Hassan and Karlo for all this.”

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