Health Carousel Philippines Inc (HCPI) conducted the first face-to-face DAISY Awarding ceremony and launch of the DAISY Award on June 17, 2022, in Adventist  Hospital Palawan (AHP), Puerto Princesa. The award is part of the Light the Way program of Health Carousel in partnership with the DAISY Foundation to recognize the nurses providing extraordinary care to a patient or relatives. “Health Carousel is the first international advocate of DAISY Foundation. This partnership enables Health Carousel to hand out the prestigious DAISY Award to deserving and inspiring nurses and nursing students here in the Philippines”, said Marivic Doctor, President of HCPI.

Nurse Kelvin Ryan Palacol was honored with The DAISY Award® For Extraordinary Nurses thru Health Carousel Philippines. Ryan is the 7th  DAISY awardee for extraordinary nurse given by HCPI from the time the partnership started in May 2020. He is currently working in Out Patient care at AHP. He had been working as a nurse for  18 years and most of his years of experience were working abroad. He was very emotional after he received the recognition. Ryan said, “I am teary-eyed now,  this is my first time to receive recognition in my 18 years of working as a  nurse. I hope this award will serve as an inspiration to my co-nurses not only in this hospital but in the whole world. Thank you very much to DAISY Foundation and Health Carousel”.

The following portions of messages of representatives from Health Carousel Philippines, Health Carousel, LLC, and Adventist Hospital Palawan to inspire the awardee and the nurses working in AHP:

“Congratulations  Ryan and to all nominees. You are now an international awardee! The nurses have the most patient interaction in the hospital compared to doctors. As a doctor, I know that nurses are sacrificing a lot, especially during this pandemic time. Nurses are always the primary caregiver of the patients, the relatives and patients rely on you when they are in the hospital. We always have recognition for doctors and as I witnessed this awarding, in my capacity as a Director of Clinical Excellence, I thought of encouraging the doctors to give recognition to nurses who are always a big help to us. This will be one of my projects in Patient care experience. On behalf of the doctors here, I would like to thank the nurses for making our work easier”,  by  Dr. Allan Dennis  Macalintal, Director of Clinical Excellence.

“ My salute to nurse Ryan, the Health Carousel Philippines, and DAISY Foundation. Thank you for choosing the Adventist Hospital Palawan as your partner in providing recognition to compassionate nurses. The DAISY Award is for extraordinary nurses, This recognition is a method of building role models and a way of inspiring nurses to have relationships and personal caring touch with patients during their most vulnerable time. To our awardees and nominees, please continue to be an inspiration to your team. I read all the stories of nominees,  I  could not hold my tears and praise God for having you at our hospital. You are my inspiration to lead the work here and rally on fulfilling our mission of sharing God’s love thru healing. Again, Congratulations,  please continue doing extraordinary care to your patients. To the awardee, nominees, and to all our nurses in AHP, I am proud of youby Mr. Marijoe Piaologo, President of Adventist Hospital Palawan

“ I would like to congratulate Ryan for being a  DAISY Awardee for Extraordinary nurse. Your name will now be part of the roster of   DAISY awardees around the world. Ryan was able to establish a connection with the patient’s husband   thru his   effective communication. His   compassion to really  help the patient   was truly extraordinary. Hope this award will inspire you all. When we presented the award program to   Ms. Amethyst, your VP for Nursing, how she received the program surprised us. It indicates how passionate and dedicated she is to taking care of nurses here in Adventist. The main reason why we partner with DAISY Foundation as the 1st International advocate for nurses is to really honor and acknowledge the wonderful things that nurses are doing and help the Adventist Hospital gets a higher level of engagement from the nurses and promote excellence in the nursing practice.

To Ryan, I hope you will inspire the nurses here and I hope you will be the torchbearer of what the DAISY Award stands for.”  By  Ms. Connie Dela Cruz, Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board of Health Carousel Philippines.

“I wanted to extend my congratulations to your recent DAISY Award and what an honor that is. The feedback that we received from the patient’s family of how you went above and beyond and expressed the patient’s education and communication in a meaningful manner. It was apparent in the letter from the patient’s husband that you made the patient’s family very valued and help them to understand the instruction before the procedure.  But not only that when they run into you at a  later time, you also connected once again in a positive and uplifting manner. That going the extra mile made the family feel very valued. That encounter speaks volumes of your demeanor and likely transpire into all the care that you provide to your patient” by Christy Craft, Health Carousel, LLC Nurse Manager and DAISY Chairperson


The event was attended by the  President of  AHP, Mr. Marijoe Piaologo; VP for Nursing Ms. Amethyst Manzano;  Director of Clinical Excellence Dr. Allan Dennis Macalintal, VP for Finance Ms. Mary Joy Sumiller; Asst Chief Nurse Ms. Rhea Ivy Fernandez and other officers and employees of the hospital. The Health Carousel Philippines was in full support in attendance with Co-Founder and  Chairman of the Board, Ms. Consorcia dela Cruz; President Ms, Marivic Doctor; DAISY Coordinator Ms. Nyra Colinares and all members of DAISY Committee Ms. Marianne Nagera, Ms. April Asuncion and Ms. Glenda Mae Limbang. The nominees who were also present are Nurse Donna Pitogo, Nurse Henry Clarence Mendez, Nurse  Jimmel Padaong, and Nurse Darlene Agum. All of them received the DAISY pin for nominees. The event had live streaming thru FB live for the nurses to witness the awarding from the nurses’ station or area where they are currently on duty.

DAISY Award Ceremony

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