I signed up with Health Carousel on December 18, 2014. The process was smooth and coordinated. Health Carousel was the best choice I did, with the help of Amelyn, every step was easy and the transition never felt difficult. All the instructions are simple, that is why the margin of error was less.

Amelyn, continue being the best with your work, you are very helpful and never fail to answer even the silliest question given to you. You are still able to respond professionally.

I started this dream to be with my family, after living alone abroad for several years, I need to do something because life without a family is useless. I took the NCLEX exam and after passing, in just 2 days, I joined Health Carousel family. They guided me to the right path to easily achieve my goals and that is to be with my family forever.

Health Carousel is the best choice I made.

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